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Board of Directors:

WOMB (Women's Oasis for Maternal Wellness and Birth) is an organization mostly developed by a group of women who each have had one to three children at home or in hospital with a midwife. Our goal is to safely facilitate physiological labor, birth, breastfeeding and postpartum, as we know that a normal birth, breastfeeding and postpartum impacts women and children's long-term health. We also know that environment plays a part in a woman's labor and that a hospital need only be accessed when there is a need for medical intervention. Not all women eligible for homebirth can birth in their own homes. Consequently, WOMB envisions a community based birthing space close to a hospital that is comfortable, welcoming and safe for expectant mothers.

We also know that preparing for birth and parenting starts during pregnancy and that family bonding benefits from support postpartum. So we also envision a place that meets women, babies and their families' wellness needs before and after birth. We'd like this place to be culturally inclusive, non-institutional and to have a holistic approach that is welcoming to all clients, including Aboriginal women, LGBT parents, new immigrants, single mothers, young women and any others who are eligible and interested in out-of-hospital birth options.

Board Members:

Jenny Yamagata - President

Jenny Yamagata Bio


Christina Hutchinson - Secretary/Treasurer

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Aurora Bisson-Montpetit - Member at Large

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Vera Berard - Midwife Consultant

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“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear.” ~ Jane Weideman