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Why choose a birth centre?

What a few of our Community Interest in a Birth Centre survey respondents have to say:

"Birthing centres are focused on one thing, the well-being of mother and baby. The experience we could have here would alleviate the stress associated with a hospital birth. Calm entrance into the world for the babe and calm care for the Momma. Sounds perfect."

"I believe the birthing community of Greater Vancouver would be very interested and benefit from a birth centre attended by midwives. It appears that an increasing number of people are choosing midwives over doctors for their prenatal care, and I keep meeting people who are interested in home births. These same people would likely be interested in a birth centre setting if it were available to them.”

"I believe that having a birth centre is key to helping make birth a more enjoyable, less fearful experience for women. I’m surprised that the Vancouver doesn’t have a birth centre yet.”

"I am a Registered Midwife, having previously trained and worked in communities with birth centres, both free standing, and attached to hospital, I feel BC women and families are sadly missing out on the opportunity to give birth outside of highly medicalized hospital environments, unless they choose homebirth, which for many, is simply just not possible. Birth Centres also offer many benefits to midwives as well, the possibility of staff midwife position (who can attend women until their care provider arrives, act as the second midwife, etc.”

"No matter how lovely the hospital maternity ward is, hospitals are for illness not birth. I want to be treated by birth attendants that are first experts in natural birth."

"It would be wonderful to have a birth center nearby. I think having birth centres more locally will inspire a higher desire for midwives which would improve government funding for midwife education and allow a much higher intake. It would completely change the concept of birth and would free up hospitals and doctors.”

"As a sonographer, I feel very strongly that this generation mothers and mothers to be would benefit from services as these. It’s about time we can have a place that’s sole focus is on child bearing and all that’s associated with it.”

"I love love love this idea! I have already had two personal birthing experiences, one in a hospital and one at home. I love the idea of a place that women can go to that is not a hospital, and is an alternative to a home birth, as that idea is very scary for many. Having a centre dedicated to birthing would, I feel, raise the level of midwifery care up. I can also see a centre like this being able to offer more extensive emotional and mental health support for pregnant and post natal mothers, as well as give them access to all of the alternative pain control methods (hypno, tens, water birth, etc), after care methods (placenta encapsulation, donor milk etc) all under one roof."

"I would love a birth centre in BC!!! I would travel far to birth there!!!!”

"As a family doctor I would also like the option of attending birth in such a centre”

"YES! YES! YES! We used a midwife for our hospital birth with our first. I would always and forever use a midwife. I do not want to give birth in a hospital again unless it’s medically necessary to do so. But I am also not positive about giving birth at home. I have not understood why we don’t have birth centres like they do in the US. Somewhere that is dedicated to birth so the technologies you may need are there but isn’t full of sick people. Somewhere full of women and families who are having the same experience as you at the same time. Where your older children would be welcome at the birth (and to stay over) if you want them to. But mostly just somewhere that doesn’t ‘feel’ like a hospital."